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Trading Binary Options With The AnyOption Platform

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Choosing AnyOption as a Binary Options Broker

The world of binary options trading is great way to enter the market and invest in the assets of your choice. Starting off, however, can be a bit challenging and it is very important to choose a broker that you can trust.
To begin, it is crucial for you to know what components create a reliable broker before you start trading with them. You need to check that they have a professional financial interface, are regulated, 100% secure and that their name is well known in the industry.
Fortunately, we have done the research for you and found anyoption to be the most reliable broker you should choose when trading binary options.

The AnyOption Platform

Regulation – anyoption is an established broker, that has been around for while which has therefore created a reputable name for itself in the industry. It is regulated under CySEC and EU registered. This broker meets the highest standards of security.
Deposit & Withdrawal process-
The more payment and withdrawal options you have, the better the platform. Brokers who accept a wide range of payment methods are generally easier to work with and are easily accessible.
We think it is important for brokers to process your payments quickly. anyoption’s payout process takes up to 72 hours, other brokers may proceed with this transaction quicker.


If you can trade a wide-array of assets, you’ll have more opportunity to earn. The amount of shares that can be traded is also very important in evaluating.
At anyoption you can trade over 150 global and local assets of your choice. They offer currencies, stocks, indices and commodities from markets all over the world.
That means you are able to trade on their platform 24/7, as somewhere in the world there is a market open at a time that is convenient to you.

Payouts –

Option brokers offer different levels of profitability and that is why it is important to choose brokers which offer the best payout rates. At anyoption, you can earn up to 80% profit on each trade. Other brokers we checked offer higher payouts, some even up to 90%.

Trading features:

There are 4 main financial instrumentals you can use to trade at anyoption.
Binary Options- the simple method of predicting whether the price of an asset (such as Gold, Oil, or even Google stock) will go up or down in a specified time-period. If you predict correctly you can get up to 80%, if not anyoption refunds you with up to 25% of your investment.
Binary 0-100 – A trading tool for controlling profit. You can buy and sell your trade back to anyoption until 5 minutes before expiry – and earn up to 1000% on each successful trade.
One Touch – If the price of the traded asset touches the strike-price just once throughout its lifetime you’ll earn profit. You don’t need to predict exactly what will happen, only if your asset will touch the target price or not. This product is available on the weekend.
Option + – If it seems like your trade is going in the opposite direction than what you have predicted, this trading feature allows you to close your position and secure your winnings by selling your option back to anyoption at any given moment.
When you buy an option, you expose yourself to the risk of losing your investment. There is always a connection between risk and reward. If you place smaller trades, your risk becomes smaller as well and the potential losses will be lower. At anyoption a single trade can be placed with just $25. You can begin trading at anyoption with $200.
If you decide to take the risk and begin trading binary options, we recommend you start trading at anyoption. The support is excellent, you will receive your own personal account manager and you can be sure you will not be deceived.
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What are Binary Options?

A binary option, also known as “all-or-nothing option” or ”fixed option”, is a type of investment – with a predetermined ad fixed return – that turns profits for the investor for a correct prediction of how the price of a certain stock, currency, index or commodity will move over a predetermined period of time. Once that period is over, the option is said to have reached its expiry and the investment turns out to be “in the money” (correct prediction, profits are made) or “out of the money” (wrong prediction).

What types of binary options are available at AnyOption?

AnyOption offers three types of instruments in which you can trade:
High/Low : this type of binary option generates profits for the investor if the price of the underlying asset moves up or down in the same direction the investor predicted.
Touch/No Touch: this type of binary option generates profits if the price of the underlying asset touches (or doesn’t touch) a predetermined target price before the option expires, and the investor correctly predicted such behavior.
Boundary (In/Out): this type of binary option generates profits if the price of the underlying asset is in or out a price range at the time of the option’s expiry , and the investor correctly predicted such position.

What underlying assets do you offer?

AnyOption offers a diverse list of assets to trade in, consisting of Stocks, Commodities, Currencies and Indices. Please see the Asset List for an up-to-date listing of all the assets that are available to trade.
What returns do Binary Options at AnyOption offer?
A Binary Option offers a fixed return of typically between 60%-85%. The AnyOption Above/Below and High Yield Options offer returns of up to 360%.

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Can I trade during the weekend?

Yes, AnyOption offer a limited number of assets to trade during the weekend, with very high returns.
My binary option has expired with the same underlying asset’s price as when I bought the option: what will my return be?
This situation is referred to as being “at the money”. Should this happen a full refund of the investment amount shall be returned to the trader by AnyOption.

What limits are there on investment amounts per trade?

The minimum investment amount per trade is 25 EUR/USD/GBP depending on the currency selected upon registration.
The maximum investment amount per trade is as follows:
The Maximum position for the High/Low binary options is 2000EUR/USD/GBP.
The Maximum position for the Touch/No Touch, Boundary (In/Out) and High Yield binary options is 2000EUR/USD/GBP.

Trade Binary Options With AnyOption Here….

How many binary options can be purchased at the same time on AnyOption?

There are no limits on the number of options that can be purchased at the same time. There is, however, an exposure limit of 2000 EUR/USD/GBP for the total value of open positions at any one time.

Can I close a position before it expires?

Yes you can. Purchased options can be closed before the stated option expiry time. It is possible to close an option within a few minutes from the time of purchase. (Please Note: The close early feature may not be available at all times and for every option)

Do you have rollover?

No, there is no roll over in binary options as the contract length is predetermined upon purchase of an option.

Do you charge any fees or commissions, or spreads?

AnyOption charges no fees or commissions when making a trade. And since the target price and the payout is predetermined upon purchase of an option, there aren’t any spreads either.

Does AnyOption offer a demo account?

No, AnyOption do not offer a demo account, but you can have the first trade risk free: a refund of up to 50 EUR/USD/GBP is available on all first trades.

How do I register at AnyOption? Do I have to deposit to do so?

Just click the Open Account button on the home page and follow the easy registration steps. It only takes a few moments to register at AnyOption. No deposit is required to register.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Simply click the “Forgot your password” tab at the home page top and follow the simple steps for password retrieval. The password you selected will be emailed to you as long as original email address provided at registration matches. Should you forget your username please contact us.

Trade Binary Options With AnyOption Here….

Which currency can I make a deposit in?

You can make a deposit at AnyOption in EUR, USD, and GBP. The currency selected upon registration will be your permanent currency in all of your future trades and transactions.

What is the minimum first deposit?

The minimum trading deposit is 250 EUR, USD, and GBP.

How do I see my account balance and a history of my transactions?

Your account balance and transaction history can be viewed in the “My Account” section available once you are logged into your account. Historical transactions are kept for 7 days on all options that have expired. This can be viewed by opening the price of expiry in the section called ”trade history”.

How can I withdraw funds?

AnyOption can only process withdrawals back to the initial source of funds. If this is not possible, the withdrawal will be processed by AnyOption by wire transfer to the account holder’s bank account only.
For full details on the withdrawal process please visit the banking page.

What is the minimum amount available to withdraw?

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 10 EUR, USD or GBP.

Trade Binary Options With AnyOption Here….

Is there a maximum withdrawal amount?

For withdrawals of more than 500 GBP/USD/EUR, we ask documents according to “Know your customers” procedures, which are a standard for any respectable broker, depending on the payment method used, CC copy, Proof of residence, ID copy.
1) A Proof of Identity (a copy of your passport).
2) A Proof of your current address in the form of a utility bill (such as a copy of a phone, gas , or electricity bill that was sent to your current address and is no more than 6 months old).
3) A signed photocopy of both sides of the credit card(s) you have used to make your deposit(s) at AnyOption. We recommend that you leave only the last 4 digits of your credit card(s) visible on the documents you send to us.

Is it possible to cancel a withdrawal?

AnyOption can cancel a withdrawal request that has yet to be processed. Should this happen the requested amount will be returned to the trading account balance.

Trade Binary Options With AnyOption Here….

What computer requirements are there at AnyOption?

A standard computer connected to the internet can be used. No software download is required to start trading. AnyOption recommends using Internet Explorer (IE7.0, IE8.0), Google Chrome (v4.0) or FireFox (v3.5, v3.6). To trade in our site Java script must be enabled.
Flash player will need to be installed.

How is the data protected?

Data sent between AnyOption and your computer is securely transmitted in the Internet using a 128bit certificate of SSL encryption by Thawte.

I cannot trade. Is there help available?

Assistance is available by telephone, email or by Live Chat. Please visit the Contact Us page

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